Our Services to Charlotte Realtors

Home Measuring Service:

We provide accurate home measuring, square footage calculations and floor plan drawing services for brokers, realtors, other professionals, buyers and sellers, contractors and investors in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Agents and homeowners…Where are you getting your numbers from?

Never take the previous sale of the house on record as the gospel when it comes to your new listing. Tax records are not as accurate either. They were not produced to meet the needs of the real estate market when it comes to conveying the accurate square footage to a potential home buyer. Estimates are fine for conversation but when it comes down to $$/sq ft, nothing beats accuracy. And accuracy means getting top dollar for your home.

Photography and Videography: Plans Coming soon! Price Bundling with our measuring services will be available.

Handyman Services:

Realty Ready of Charlotte knows the importance of getting those repairs completed inside of the due diligence period. With sellers stressing about who to call, the “does anyone know anyone” theme is crazy! Let us be your go-to company who can provide a reliable, quality driven craftsman to take that punch list and knock it out! Our handymen are masters of their trades and delivery of a quality job well done is job #1. We have taken the time and effort to ensure the companies we send to do the work are qualified, capable and trustworthy so your clients can rest easy knowing they are in good hands.

Cleaning Services:

Nothing says this feels like home more than a squeaky clean, fresh house! Let our detail oriented, reliable cleaners put that sparkle into your listing before it hits the market with a comprehensive deep cleaning.  And when you have open houses or several visitors and the home is in need of a little touch up, we are there to help. A regular clean will get it back in shape for the next prospective buyer. We offer competitive rates on all of our cleaning services and we also do construction clean-up for those newly built homes ready to list that need a full all-out clean from construction.