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We began as Metro House Measuring in 2018, measuring real estate for MLS listings. It was an add-on business to Mike’s drafting business.

After speaking with and consulting with some close associates in the real estate industry, we saw the need for what we like to call “The Realtor’s Concierge”. And Realty Ready of Charlotte was born. There are two services every home will need to get listed and sold…. Measuring and Photography!

Take a peak at the measuring and photography pages to see the various plans we offer, all based on the square footage of the home.


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Mike, a former U.S. Marine, and a draftsman with more than 20 years experience in the commercial construction industry, mostly focused on the precast concrete industry, has been able to apply his talents in the measuring and MLS plan drawing part of Realty Ready. And Jana, she has spent her working career in many roles in the office environment and is currently the office manager, marketing manager and relationship manager for a local franchise of one of the largest home inspection companies in the country. As a result, she has gained a great wealth of knowledge of the real estate industry, learning the needs of realtors, closing coordinators as well as the home buyers and sellers.

Jana will be able to give Mike the extra pointers and nudges in the right direction so he will be able to provide realtors of Charlotte and the surrounding areas with a one stop shop company for house measuring and photography. On a personal level, we have been married 35 years and are proud parents of two wonderful sons, Dustin and Matt, along with his adorable wife Fabiana. They have given us years of awesome moments and experiences that have shaped who we are as a family. They both have grown to be two respectable young men that are unique, yet as similar and as close as two brothers can be. And for that, we are truly blessed!

Team Realty Ready

Mike Vinke

Jana Vinke
Owner/Marketing Manager


Realty Ready of Charlotte has made a commitment to ensuring quality results for our clients and to cultivate relationships with them so we can maintain a successful working relationship that will ensure the agent’s success with his/her clients.